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Privacy Policy

At Loans Info we respect our user's privacy. Our privacy policy will explain how we manage and protect your personal information. Moreover by reviewing the privacy policy you will get to know how we collect your information and for what reason we need your details and what has been done to keep these details confidential. So, please don't forget to refer these policies before you proceed further.

In short details about the ways and the circumstances in which to collect your personal details have been contained in the privacy policy. Loans Info is committed towards protecting and maintaining the privacy, accuracy and security of your private data. So, you will come to know how your personal information has been handled here by us.

Only registered lenders will be allowed at Loans Info. So, trusted lenders will be let here to seek your details. No illegal access will be tolerated here since our system has been designed like this which has advanced security features enabled on it. To prevent online threats and online scams precautions should also be taken by you. For that you must read the privacy policy well before making your application.

You must note that if you want to get some information from Loans Info then no need to send us your personal details. But if you look forward to apply for loans here with us, then we will enquire some details from your end.

While you visit Loans Info, a message may pop up asking for confirmation to allow cookie. These are small data files that hold the information about your browsing experience with us. In short we will be able to know your preferences. If you don't like this idea then don't allow cookie.

Here you need to provide us personal details like your physical address, telephone number, email address, social security number, date of birth, employment details, citizenship proof etc. This we will keeping in order to communicate you about our promotional deals and services that you are looking for and which we offer. So, for that we will require valid contact details from your end.

Apart from this, some details are not directly enquired from you but are obtained as IP address, browser type and language, access time, areas visited by you other than our site etc. These details will tell us about your experience with us.

Privacy policy is meant to change here since we update our services from time to time. So, every time to visit us you must not forget to verify the policies for latest updates.

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